Organization Policy

We at Stonemen Crafts India Pvt. Ltd. are committed for:


Child, Forced or Compulsory, Prison Labour:
Not to use and support the child, forced and compulsory labour including prison labour in any of the process including suppliers.
Health and Safety:
Evaluates issues related to occupational health & safety and addresses any such potential threat. Regular trainings on Health and safety issue. Periodical health checks up of work force.
Freedom of association and collective bargaining:
Employees are free to do collective bargaining and can join trade unions of their choice. As such there is no existing in the organization. Only workers committee is there. Represetative of the committee is elected by hand raise method. Employee is free to take up his issue through non-management representative, who in turn take up the issue and discuss with the management or its representative.
Discrimination & Disciplinary Practices:
Organization does not discriminate or support this in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, religion, castes, origin, gender, sexual orientation, any political or trade union affiliation or age.
Managers are competent and having skills to resolve issues objectively, maintaining honesty, loyalty, fairness and respect for others, compassion, integrity for objectives and culture for openness.
Anti Harassment Policy:
Organization has a policy against any form of harassment behavior including gestures, language or physical contact that is sexually coercive, threatening, abuse or exploitative. Orgation has a complaint system against any type of harassment and sexual exploitation. people found involved in such an act may face legal proceedings against them and can include penalties and dismissal.
Working Hours:
Working hours are maintained so as not to exceed 48 hrs a week. The working timings are 9:30 AM to 6 PM, Lunch break 01:00 PM to 1:30 PM. Weekly off Sunday. Overtime if required same will be arranged in compliance with applicable requirements and it is voluntary.
The oraganization complies with industrial minimum wages act at the time of employing personnel and ensures any notifications received thereafter are complied with.
Recruitment Policy:
Provide proper training for health, safety and social responsibility to every new employee. Never support discrimination at the time of recruitment. If required verify the age proof of candidate. Original documents are not retained with the organization.